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Artificial Intelligence and NLP for dummies

We live in a world where almost everyday we hear the word Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short. Since the invention of computers many years ago, people have tried to build machines that work like humans and think like humans. Great Sci-Fi...

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Quick Guide to Mastering Regular Expressions

For G Suite and Office 360 users, and for Python developers Language is rarely simple to work with when extracting insights. Even the task of finding and counting how many times a word appears in a body of text, a task that seems at first glance...

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How COVID-19 is affecting consumption patterns?

Since the beginning of life, food has been a basic necessity for every human being’s nourishment and vitality. Food is an extraordinarily simple, yet complex commodity that transcends every layer of society. Whether you are rich or less well-off,...

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FMCG Product Innovation Using Artificial Intelligence

The typical use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in consumer product industry has been mainly in prediction, demand forecasting, supply chain, distribution, production and maintenance; the main reason has been the availability of huge amount...

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Review of Predictions made by Ai Palette

Ai Palette Coffee Trends 2019 Review Last year we wrote a medium article predicting the coffee trends in Singapore for 2019, this prediction was done using Ai Palette’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform called the “Foresight...

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AI Predicts Coffee Trends for 2019 in Singapore

we see social media abound with trend prediction for the new year. Most of these reports are written by human analysts based on what happened in the last year and their own experiences. We at AI Palette love coffee, after all...

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